ARBA Standards Committee Approves Changes

Both of the proposed changes to the Standard of Perfection that passed the club vote were approved by the ARBA standards committee. The following changes will take effect in the 2021 edition.

Spine Marking
Points 3: The spine marking shall be continuous from the ear base, extending onto the tail. The width shall balance with the appearance of the other markings, and may narrow at the neck and before the tail. The edge is to be as even as possible.
Faults – Single break in spine under ½ inch in length, herringbone or jagged edges.
Disqualification from competition – Any single break over ½ inch in length between the ear base and tail, or multiple breaks of any length.

Feet & Legs
Points 4: Feet and legs are to be of medium bone, with strong, straight ankles. Length of limb is to balance with the body. Do not disqualify for a spot of color at the hock. Ideal nail color is white, but do not disqualify for colored nail(s).
Faults: pinched legs, fine bone, weak ankles.
*points would be taken from the following areas:
Color distribution – 2 points
Side markings – 2 points

Standards Ballot Results

Here are the results on the 3 issues on the Standards ballot. These results were counted by our election committee and the results have been communicated to Jill Schmidt, Standards Committee Chairperson.
Issue 1 passed: 25 for – 11 against
Issue 2 failed: 17 for – 19 against
Issue 3 passed: 24 for – 12 against
Thanks to the Standards and Election Committees for their work in getting this done. Thanks to Secretary Luke Vickrey for his expedient efforts and thanks to all those members getting their ballots back so quickly.