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     to the site of the Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America.  Here you'll find others like yourself who are fascinated with the Rhinelander, and eager to explore every aspect of this spectacular breed and the excitement it brings both on and off the judging table.


    As our site grows, we hope to eventually provide those visiting with a wealth of information about the breed, and the National Specialty Club that not only  supports the Rhinelander, but the membership that makes all of this possible.


    If you have any questions about the Rhinelander breed, or the Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America, please feel free to contact any officer. Complete contact information is listed elsewhere on the site.

    Enjoy your visit ~
   be sure to check back often!


Life & Hall of Fame Members

        The Beautiful 
 Tri-colored Rhinelander
  is often referred to as

      "The Calico of the Fancy"

     Sweepstakes update

       2018 National Show
        Info forthcoming


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